Show Me Myself

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Years ago a Scottish preacher traveling to Edinburgh put up in a comfortable inn on the Highland road. As it was his practice to hold family worship in every house where he slept, and to insist upon the attendance of every inmate, he summoned the family together.
When all were seated and the Bible opened, the preacher, surveying the company, asked whether every member of the household were present.
“Yes," replied the landlord.
“Yes, we are all here. There is a maid in the kitchen, but we never think of asking her. She is not very presentable.”
“Then call in the girl," said the preacher, laying down the Bible, "we will wait till she comes.”
The landlord protested, but the preacher insisted.
“The kitchen maid has a soul and a very precious one," he said. "If she is not in the habit of attending family worship, all the greater need for her to join us now.”
At last the host consented and the poor girl was admitted to the family circle.
After the devotions, the preacher asked the girl his usual introductory question: "Who made you?" There was no answer.
“Do you know that you have a soul?”
“No, I never heard that I had one. What is a soul?”
“Do you ever pray?”
“I don't know what you mean.”
“Well," said the preacher, "I am going to Edinburgh, and I will bring you a little scarf if you promise to pray a prayer that I will teach you. It is very short, there are only four words in it: `Lord, show me MYSELF.'
“If you will pray this prayer each night and morning, I will not forget to bring you what I have promised.”
The little maid was delighted and her promise given. The preacher retired and the next morning he resumed his journey to Edinburgh.
He completed his business there, not forgetting the Highland Inn and its little kitchen-maid, then he resumed his journey to Edinburgh.
He arrived late at the inn, but before eating any supper he summoned as usual, the household around the family altar. Again, however, the little maid was absent and again he inquired the cause. But this time it was a different reason that withheld her.
“Indeed, sir," replied the hostess, "she's been of little use since you were here. She has done nothing but sit and cry night and day, and now she is so weak and exhausted, that she cannot get out of her bed.”
“O, my good woman, let me see the girl!" exclaimed the preacher, instantly grasping the reason for her grief. She took him to a small closet beneath the stairs, where the poor little thing lay on her bed, a pitiful picture of mental agony.
“Well, my child, here is the scarf I have brought you from Edinburgh," said the amiable man; "I hope you have done what you promised, and prayed that prayer I taught you.”
“O no, sir—no, I can never take your present," was her response. "A dear gift it has been to me. You have taught me a prayer that God has answered in an awful way. He has shown me my-self, and oh what a sight it is! Oh, dear sir, what shall I do?”
He entered into her case fully; and after a conversation on God's way of salvation and peace, the interview was ended by the preacher recommending that she use another short and comprehensive prayer:
“Lord, show me THYSELF.”
This second prayer went heavenward from the girl's heart as sincerely as the first, and God answered her with a revelation of Himself, as seen in Jesus. She found in Him a Savior God, and her fears and terrors ceased. By faith she saw that "the blood of Jesus Christ God's Son cleanseth us from all sin." 1 John 1:77But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. (1 John 1:7). Her dark soul was brought into the glorious light and liberty of a child of God. And for many years afterward she lived, not only a consistent character, but an eminently holy Christian.