Sinners, Lost and Saved

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A man undertook to read the Bible for an hour every evening to his wife. After several such readings, one evening he suddenly stopped and said, "Wife, if this Book is true we are sinners."
He continued his daily readings, and several evenings later he exclaimed, "Wife, if this Book is true we are lost."
Profoundly anxious and unable to give up reading the Book, he kept on. A week later, he cried joyfully: "Wife, if this Book is true, we may be saved."
After several weeks, instructed by the Spirit of God, they both put their trust in Christ for salvation. Now they rejoice in hope of the glory of God.
Dear soul, read for yourself the precious Word of God. Compare for yourself the following passages in the epistle to the Romans: 3:10-23; 1:18 and 2:5, 8, 9; 10:13, and 5:1, 2.