?So Is Our Life?

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Twelve hundred years ago a conference of Saxon chiefs was called to consider if they should permit certain new Christian teachers to address them. An old chief speaks: "Life to me is as though we are seated by the cheerful board in the bright firelight, with storm and darkness outside. Suddenly a bird flies in at the window. For a few minutes we see it in the firelight, then it passes out into the darkness.
"So is our life, we see it for a short time, but know not whence it comes nor whither it goes. If these strange preachers can tell us this, let us hear them."
To every man at times come quiet thoughts on life and death— the same solemn thoughts as our Saxon forefathers had 1200 years ago. How vital, how priceless the words of Christ to whosoever will hear Him!