Sowing And Reaping

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Hast thou labored in the shadows
Though thy work seemed all in vain?
Hast thou sowed the Seed so precious,
Toiling in the Savior's Name?

Dost thou weary of the sowing?
Art thou longing now to rest?
Do thy steps begin to falter
Tiring of thy high behest?

Listen to the words of promise,
Spoken once for such as thee;
“Blest is he who by all waters,
Sows the Seed untiringly.”

"I have seen thy patient efforts,
I have counted all thy tears,
While for. Me thou still hast labored
Through the long and barren years.”

"Yes, and now, I'm coming quickly
And with Me is My reward;
'Tis for faithful service granted,
Service done to Me, the Lord.”

"Precious to My heart thy labor,-
All that's done in Jesus' name-
Done because thou lov'st the Savior
Him Who bore Thy sin and shame.”

"Nothing done for Me forgotten,
Though it seemed thy work was vain
Soon thou'lt find thy sheaves in glory
When with Me thou e'er shalt reign.”

Precious Savior, Thou are worthy
Till Thou com'st, O! may I be
Faithful, earnest in the labor
Chosen by Thyself for me.