Speak to Us, Lord!

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 2
Speak to us, Lord, when sadness fills our breast,
When days are dark and night brings us no rest;
When one we love with tortured body lies—
Dear Father, speak, and hear our plaintive cries.

Speak to us, Lord! At times our souls rebel
And question Thee, with doubts of heaven and hell;
Confused, unsure, Thy will we cannot see;
Speak, speak, oh Lord, and help us yield to Thee.

Speak to us, Lord! Thou gavest Thy only Son
For such as we; dear Lord, Thy will be done—
Thy will, not ours-so strengthen Thou our trust;
Help us to know all else must turn to dust.

All else save this: that Christ is Lord of all;
In life or death to heed His loving call
Renews our lives, and gives us safe release;
Speak, speak, oh Lord, and give us lasting peace.