Starting to Get Ready to Begin

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In his striking poem: "The Common Lot," Harry Bowling says:
"What shall I think when I am called to die?
Shall I not find too soon my life has ended?
While I unheeding watched the years slip by With little done of all that I intended.
There were so many things I meant to try, So many ways by which I hoped to win; Behold, the end approaches, just as I
Was starting to get ready to begin!"
One may not be able to think when death approaches. Disease or accident may render one incapable of thinking. Many of death's victims fail to regain consciousness before leaving this scene. Hence everything of importance should be attended to before that call comes.
It will not do to tell the dark messenger, "I was just starting to get ready to begin to prepare for your call." Death will not refrain from placing his cold hand upon your body because of your unpreparedness.
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