Strength for the Year

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Over all the unopened year God casts His light. There can be no experience till the year ends for which there will not be strength. God never gives a duty, but He gives also the needed power to do it. He never lays on us a burden, but He will sustain us under it. He never sends a sorrow, but He sends the comfort to meet it. He never calls to any service, but He provides for its performance. We need, only to be sure that we wait upon God, and then all the strength that we need shall be given, as we go on day by day.
I asked for strength, for with the noontide heat
I fainted, while the reapers, singing sweet,
Went forward with ripe sheaves I could not bear.
Then came the Master, with His blood-stained feet,
And lifted me with sympathetic care.
Then on His arm I leaned till all was done;
And I stood with rest at the set of sun,
My task complete.