Such an Offer

Such an offer! Full and free?
Is it really meant for me?
That all my sins on Christ were laid,
That all my debt by Him was paid?
Yes, Jesus says it, who has died:
"Believe," and thou art justified.

Such an offer! Pardon now
For hidden sin, and broken vow!
For years of cold neglect and scorn;
Can mercy's ray, upon me dawn?
Yes, Jesus died instead of thee;
His death for thine, must be thy plea.

Such an offer! Peace and joy
Untainted by the world's alloy;
The sweet assurance of a Friend
Who, loving, loves unto the end;
The knowledge now of sins forgiven
And of a home prepared in heaven.

Oh, what goodness! Lord, I take
This offer Thou dost freely make!
My one desire shall henceforth be
To live for Him who died for me.
Spread, glad news, through every nation
Instant—free—and full salvation.
"He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life."