Suffering and Glory

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Suffering first, glory follows. Take courage, my soul. "A little while" and glory will fill the wide, wide regions of thy Lord's dominions. And being with Him, thou shalt be at the center of it all. Conflict ceases there. Here grace has to struggle with our evil in many ways, and sometimes it may seem doubtful which is to win the day; but the Lord gives more grace, and it always triumphs. But there, no evil can ever be, either to dispute or divide the scene with glory. Then the days of evil will be past, and past forever. Then the Lord of glory will have everything His own way—He will form and fashion everything after His own mind—He will keep everything under His own hand, and stamp everything with His own glorious image. It will then be glory, glory, GLORY.