Sufferings of Christ; Large Heart in the Narrow Path; the Poor Sought and Cared For

Psalm 40
I should have been very glad indeed to have been with the saints around you in July. My spirit looks to some human rest in Europe a little, though I trust to serve on to the end; but it will be hardly possible for me to be there at the epoch. We have our meeting at Guelph on June 27th, which will itself run on into July, and then I have some unfinished work at present and the voyage, to boot. May the gracious Lord be with you.
I am glad you have found edification in studying the sufferings of the blessed Lord. I have found the very greatest. And for me it is wholly a matter of edification. I am not aware of any particular doctrine at all in what I have said, nor have I any intention of making it a matter of controversy, but feed on the truth as I hope brethren may—not contending about words to no profit. Give my kindest love to the brethren. I shall be glad to see them when the Lord brings me to Europe again.
It is a great thing to have thorough separateness of walk in the narrow path, and a large heart for Christ's saints and poor sinners too. I do look for devotedness and seeking the souls of the poor. "The poor have the gospel preached unto them"; they shod(' be sought out and cared for too. There is a largeness, not of heart, but of way, which is disliking the narrow way for one's conscience—for one's feet: Christ does not suffice us, and we want something to fill up a void. I admit the danger in defending one's walking in the narrow way—to be occupied with the evil we cannot walk in, and so judge, and get shut up. But a deep sense of the evil is very important; but then that is always felt with Christ, which makes the heart tender and large for those dear to Him, even if going wrong. The eager condemnation of others in what is wrong may be connected with vexation at their not going with us. So perhaps they ought—surely if they have light; but the heart will grieve over the persons as dear to Christ if walking with Him, and not merely judge the path as unfaithfulness, or their unfaithfulness in walking in it.
Peace be with you, dear brother. At T. they seem diligent in service and helped.
Affectionately yours in the Lord.
May 23rd., 1867.