Surely I Come Quickly

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
“And let all the people say, Amen.”
Shine forth Thou bright, Thou Morning Star,
And with Thy kindly ray,
Amid this dark, and lonesome night,
Cheer all the sons of day.
That blessed day draws on apace,
When we Thy face shall see;
And we shall finish then our race,
And in Thy presence be.
When brought together to God’s rest,
In fellowship divine,
Thy sleeping, and Thy waking saints,
Shall ever see Thee shine.
And then shall come that glorious day,
The Sun of Righteousness
Will shine, and with His gladsome ray
Dispel this world’s distress.
Then come—Thou blessed Saviour—Come!
And take Thy bride to Thee;
Take all Thy waiting people home,
That with Thee we may be.
Be with Thee, like Thee, and to see
Thee as Thou art, and hear
Thee lead the song of endless praise,
And know Thee ever near.
Be this our hope in this new year,
Keep Thou our pilgrim feet,
And guide us to the Father’s house,
To share Thy heavenly seat.