Take Us All Home

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 13
Lord, carry me up to Thy home in the glory,
Where Thou hast purchased a mansion for me,
Where, free from distractions and trials and sorrows,
I’ll rest in the joy of Thy presence with Thee.
Long has Thy Bride for Thy coming been waiting,
To take her, as promised, to rest in Thy home;
Come then, Lord Jesus, we long for Thy presence,
Fully to know Thy deep love for Thine own.
Here nations are striving, false teachers deceiving.
Thy saints are divided and scattered from Thee.
Come, gather us, Lord, to Thyself in the glory,
And then come and reign o’er creation set free.
O Lord, we grow sleepy, and worldly, and lukewarm;
Speak to our hearts of Thy coming again;
Touch these cold hearts, with Thy love, as our Bridegroom.
And hasten Thy coming to take us all home.