That's What I Want

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Dr. Jowett the evangelist, tells an interesting story of the late Dr. Charles Berry, a well known and gifted preacher.
"One night," said Dr. Berry, "there came to my door a Lancashire girl with a shawl over her head, and with clogs on her feet. 'Are you a minister?' she asked.
“‘Yes,' was my answer.
“‘Then I want you to come and get my mother in.' "Thinking it was some drunken brawl, I said, 'YOU MUST GET A POLICEMAN.'
“‘Oh, no,' said the girl; 'my mother is dying, and I want you to get her into salvation.'
“‘Where do you live?'
“‘I live about half a mile from here.'
“‘Well,' said I, 'Is there no minister nearer than I?'
“‘Oh, yes, but I want you. You have got to come.'
"I was in my slippers, and I soliloquized and wondered what the people of my congregation would say if they saw their pastor walking late at night with a girl with a shawl over her head. I did all I could to get out of it, but I saw it was no use. The girl was determined, and I had to get dressed and go.
"I found the place was a house of ill-fame. In the lower rooms they were drinking and telling lewd stories, and upstairs I found the poor woman dying.
"I sat by her bed and talked about Jesus, the beautiful example. I extolled Him as a leader and teacher; and she looked at me out of her eyes of death, and said, `Mister, that's no good for the likes of me. I don't want an example. I'm dying and I'm a sinner."
"Jowett," said Dr. Berry, "there was I face to face with a poor soul dying, and I had nothing to tell her. I had no gospel! Then I thought of what my mother had taught me, and I told her the old story of God's love in giving Christ to die for sinful men. I told it whether I believed it or not.
"Now you are getting at it,' said the woman. `That's what I want; that is the story for me.'
"That's how I got her in-and I got in myself!
"From that night," added Dr. Berry, "I have had a full gospel of God's salvation for lost sinners. How wonderful is the word: 'CHRIST DIED FOR THE UNGODLY."