The All-Sufficiency of Scripture

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It is an immense blessing to have an assured sense of the sufficiency of Scripture, and to tremble at God's Word, and therefore to be always ready to be corrected by it, quite conscious that when there is any miscarriage or failure in the course we have adopted, that it is to be discovered in the inaccurate way we have used the Word of God, and not from any lack in it. It is able to make "the man of God... perfect, thoroughly furnished." It is beyond the code of the wisest nation. Cases may and do arise among men, for which there is no legislation; no such thing can ever be supposed or averred of the Scriptures. When we err in judgment or counsel, it must simply arise from our imperfect apprehension of the Word of God, or from a misuse of it. Constantly I find the way one quotes Scripture, indicates either his knowledge or ignorance; and the man who is most subject to the Word, is the one, invariably the most ready, to subject everything to the Word of God, and to be canvassed by it, for he knows that if he is right he will be corroborated, and if he is wrong, he is glad to be set right.
The Lord grant that we may be more jealous in holding fast the form of sound words, like one afraid to loosen one stave of the cask, or one spoke in the wheel, lest all should be broken up.