The Answer Delayed Three Weeks

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Never say importunity is needed to move God. At your leisure read Dan. 10. For "three full weeks" Daniel was chastening his heart before God, and no answer getting no answer was given. At the end of that time the answer comes; and how? The angel tells him that as soon as ever he began to pray he was heard; but a certain transaction that was going on in heaven hindered the answer. He went on in importunity for three weeks, but as soon as ever he had prayed, he was heard. So you may have been praying for a long time, and getting no answer, but be sure the interval has been well employed- if not in heaven, in the chastening of your spirit.... There is no reluctancy in God; but there may be reasons to delay the answer, and when it does come, it may be in a way you are little prepared for. Paul prayed three times, and the thorn was not taken away, but the answer came at last, and in a way he had not expected. The thorn was left until the day of his death, but he was given grace by which he could triumph in it.