The Attractions of Christ

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
When first I heard of Jesus' name,
I then for refuge only came;
I heard that He for sinners died
And from His Heart and wounded side
Had shed the water and the blood,
To wash and make me fit for God.

I've found Him meet my every need,
That He a Savior is indeed;
Each rising want has been supplied,
Whene'er to Him I have applied;
He is of grace the treasury
All fullness dwells in Him for me.

Since then, I have such glories viewed
In Him, who has my surety stood;
Such beauties, human and divine,
In all His words and actions shine;
That now I sing with rapturous heart,
"Thou altogether lovely art."

Yet all He is, He is for me,
So meek in all His majesty,
So tender in almightiness,
So sympathizing in distress;
So liberal—all He has He gave,
Yea, e'en Himself, my soul to save.