The Best Thing in the World

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 2
A servant of Christ placed his hand lovingly on the shoulder of a young man and asked, "My friend, can you tell me what is the best thing in this world?"
Turning around the young man looked into the face of the Christian, and said: "Yes, sir, I can. I never went very far in school, but God has taught me by His Spirit. I know what is the best thing in this world. The best thing in this world is to be ready for the next!"
Is there a better thing than that? Are you ready? Ready for heaven and eternal blessedness with Christ? Thank God, there is such a thing as being ready, and such a thing as knowing it, too.
So, are you ready? If not, do you want to be ready? Do you want to be ready now? Then turn to God. Repent now. Believe in Jesus now. Believe that His blood was shed for your sins. NOW confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and tell the Lord Jesus you believe He died for you, and you will be saved now.