The Book of Acts - Chapter 28: April 3, 1994

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The chief men among the Jews listened to all that Paul told them. They had not heard what happened to him, but they had heard about Christians and that everyone was against this new “sect.”
On a set day, they came to the Apostle’s dwelling and listened as he preached Christ to them from the Old Testament Scriptures. Some who heard believed and others did not. Paul pronounced from the Old Testament a solemn prophetic judgment against the hard-hearted Jews and left them. He told them that the message of the gospel they had refused to hear would be accepted by the Gentiles to whom he would now preach.
Leaving the Jews in the midst of their own reasonings, Paul spent two years in his own rented house and received all who came to him and preached Christ with no one forbidding him.
1. The Jewish leaders in Rome, though knowing nothing about the “sect” of Christians, had heard many speak against it. What was the reaction of the Jewish leaders in Ephesus when they heard the gospel preached by Paul?
Acts 19:___
2. What was the special “gift” that was given to those in Philippi who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ? Philippians 1:___
3. Under what circumstances can Christians be happy, even when they are suffering at the hands of unbelievers? 1 Peter 3:___
4. Paul first preached the gospel to the Jews in Rome. To whom did the gospel message first go after the Lord was risen from the dead?
Romans 1:___
5. God will heap great judgment upon those who refuse to hear the gospel. Who will be first to fall under this judgment? Romans 2:___