The Book of Acts - Chapter 28: February 6, 1994

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A chief ruler of the heathen people of Melita lived near the shipwrecked sailors. He had great possessions and for three days lodged and took care of them. Paul found that the father of this great man was very sick, and after praying for him, the man was healed.
Many people came to be healed of their diseases after this had taken place. They were all healed and a great many honors were given to the stranded sailors. After some months, a ship, which had spent the winter in this place, left to finish its journey to Rome, and Paul and his companions left with them.
On the way, the ship made some stops, one at a place called Puteoli where there were believers who desired that Paul would abide with them for seven days.
1. The stranded sailors were in great need of food, clothing and shelter, which was generously supplied by a rich heathen ruler of the island. How does God take care of the needs of believers? Philippians 4:___
2. From what source do all of our “gifts” and “blessings” come? James 1: ___
3. How much enjoyment did the rich man have in the abundance of goods that he hoarded for himself? Luke 12:___
4. The believers in Puteoli were not satisfied that they should see Paul for just a few moments in his journey. They constrained him to stay with them for seven days. What is the reason that believers today should meet together as often as possible? Hebrews 10:___
5. Paul was available to those who wanted to be with him. At times that took real effort. What did Onesiphorus have to do in order to find Paul?
2 Timothy 1:___