The Book of Acts - Chapter 28: March 6, 1994

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After leaving Puteoli, Paul and his companions traveled on to Rome. Brethren at Rome had heard that he was coming. Leaving the city to meet him, they came to Appii Forum. This effort caused Paul to take fresh courage and give thanks to God when he saw them.
Paul was delivered into the hands of the captain of the Roman guards. Paul, unlike the other prisoners, was allowed to live by himself with only one soldier who kept watch over him.
Paul was not long in calling together his beloved brethren after the flesh, the Jews. Three days after he was established in Rome, Paul spoke to the chief of the Jewish men in Rome and told them why it was that he was now a prisoner in Rome.
1. The brethren in Rome desired to see and be with Paul, though they evidently had never met him. What desire did Paul express in his letter to the Roman believers? Romans 15:___
2. What did the man of Gadara, whom Jesus healed of demon possession, desire? Mark 5:___
3. What was the great desire of Paul towards his people the Jews?
Romans 10:___
4. The great desire to be with the Lord Jesus, though they had not yet recognized Him, caused the two who were going to Emmaus to do what?
Luke 24:___
5. What desire did the Lord Jesus have shortly before going to the cross?
Luke 22:___