The Book of Acts - Chapters 25-26: August 1, 1993

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Paul, while still a prisoner, once again is called before kings and rulers to give an account of his life. Though they can find nothing to condemn him, the Roman rulers continue to leave him bound as a prisoner.
During this time, the beloved Apostle appealed to the highest authority in the Roman Empire - Cæsar Augustus, the Emperor. Though we feel that this was a failure on his part, the Lord in grace stood by Paul and encouraged him. Paul later recounts how the Lord appeared to him and told him to “be of good cheer.”
The rulers all finally determined that Paul was truly innocent and should be set at liberty. However, since he had made an appeal to Cæsar, he would have to go to Rome to appear before him.
1. When Paul recounted his story before Festus and King Agrippa, Festus said that he was “beside himself,” which means that they judged him to be out of his mind. How does the Word of God tell us that “Greeks” (Gentiles) view the preaching of Christ crucified? 1 Corinthians 1:___
2. Evidently Paul’s preaching had a tremendous effect on King Agrippa and his heart was stirred. But he apparently refused to believe in his heart what Paul preached. Three times in Hebrews God warns about men allowing something to happen to their heart. What is it? Hebrews 3 or 4:___
3. The testimony of the Roman leaders, after hearing Paul, was that he had done nothing worthy of death. What was the testimony of the Roman centurion as to the character of the Lord Jesus after He had given His life on the cross?
Luke 23:___
4. What was the testimony of the thief who was crucified with the Lord Jesus as to His character? Luke 23:___
5. How does God view the sufferings of His people when they suffer for well doing? 1 Peter 2:___