The Book of Romans - August 7, 1994

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
The epistle to the Romans is placed first of the epistles, chronologically, in the Bible. Though Paul wrote other epistles before this (such as the first epistle to the Thessalonians), God has allowed it to be placed here in His sovereign ways.
It is striking that the fundamental truths of Christianity are found in this book. The gospel of the grace of God is fully developed here. Man’s awful condition before God is clearly stated. We also learn how God can, in righteousness, reach out in blessing to sinful man. All of the fundamental truths of the gospel - grace, faith, repentance - are found in this wonderful and divine epistle.
1. It was because of our “offenses” (sins) that Jesus was delivered to the death of the cross. Through what are we justified before God? Romans 4:___
2. What does justification before God give the believer? Romans 5:___
3. Those who have received forgiveness, justification, peace and love through faith (all part of the “atonement” in Christ) also have the ability to do something else. What is it? Romans 5:___
4. Paul shows that all we have in Christ is because of the pure grace of God shown us. God in grace has given to us that which, as sinners, we could never earn through our works. Can those who are recipients of this grace continue to live in sin, knowing that God’s grace will always forgive them? Romans 6:___
5. Paul speaks of a believer being “planted together” in death with the Lord Jesus. What does Paul teach has happened to our old nature (what we were before believing in Jesus)? Romans 6:___