The Book of Romans - December 4, 1994

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
The epistle to the Romans is placed first of the epistles, chronologically, in the Bible. Though Paul wrote other epistles before this (such as the first epistle to the Thessalonians), God has allowed it to be placed here in His sovereign ways.
It is striking that the fundamental truths of Christianity are found in this book. The gospel of the grace of God is fully developed here. Man’s awful condition before God is clearly stated. We also learn how God can, in righteousness, reach out in blessing to sinful man. All of the fundamental truths of the gospel - grace, faith, repentance - are found in this wonderful and divine epistle.
1. What three things does the Apostle tell us comprise the kingdom of God? Romans 14:___
2. What are believers encouraged to do with those things, such as food and drink, which may be an offense or stumbling to another believer?
Romans 14:___
3. Paul desires that the “God of patience and consolation” would cause the Roman believers to have what mind toward one another? Romans 15:___
4. How are believers to treat those (even though they are believers also) who cause divisions among God’s beloved people? Romans 16:___
5. What promise is made to the Roman believers concerning the great enemy of our souls, Satan? Romans 16:___