The Book of Romans - October 2, 1994

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The epistle to the Romans is placed first of the epistles, chronologically, in the Bible. Though Paul wrote other epistles before this (such as the first epistle to the Thessalonians), God has allowed it to be placed here in His sovereign ways.
It is striking that the fundamental truths of Christianity are found in this book. The gospel of the grace of God is fully developed here. Man’s awful condition before God is clearly stated. We also learn how God can, in righteousness, reach out in blessing to sinful man. All of the fundamental truths of the gospel - grace, faith, repentance - are found in this wonderful and divine epistle.
1. The nation of Israel thought that by keeping the commandments they would be counted righteous before God. When the Lord Jesus came to tell them the truth of their condition, they rejected His testimony. What did He become to the nation of Israel because of their unbelief? Romans 9:___
2. What does Paul teach is necessary for the salvation of a soul?
Romans 10:___
3. What value does the Spirit of God place on those who preach the gospel of the grace of God? Romans 10:___
4. Israel by works was unable to attain blessing. What did their failure open to the Gentile nations? Romans 11:___
5. What is the sacrifice that believers (Jew or Gentile) can offer to God under Christianity? Romans 12:___