The Book of Romans - September 4, 1994

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The epistle to the Romans is placed first of the epistles, chronologically, in the Bible. Though Paul wrote other epistles before this (such as the first epistle to the Thessalonians), God has allowed it to be placed here in His sovereign ways.
It is striking that the fundamental truths of Christianity are found in this book. The gospel of the grace of God is fully developed here. Man’s awful condition before God is clearly stated. We also learn how God can, in righteousness, reach out in blessing to sinful man. All of the fundamental truths of the gospel - grace, faith, repentance - are found in this wonderful and divine epistle.
1. In Romans 7, Paul describes the battle between the “new nature” that desires to please God and the “old nature” which is irrecoverably at enmity with God. Try as one might, he cannot find strength within himself to do that which he knows to be pleasing to God. Finally the quickened soul cries out: “Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” What is the blessed answer to his distressed soul? Romans 7:___
2. What does Paul say occupies the thoughts and ways of the one who is walking according to the “flesh” (the “old nature”)? Romans 8:___
3. Having been “adopted” into the family of God, the Spirit now gives us the liberty and privilege of addressing God in what way? Romans 8:___
4. How does the Spirit of God help those who are unable to put into words the sorrows and cares that they pray to the Father about? Romans 8:___
5. How did Paul feel about his fellow Israelites who had so mistreated the Lord Jesus and himself, the servant of the Lord? Romans 9:___