The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Which God Gave Unto Him

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There is not a chapter throughout this book in which Christ is not spoken of, or heard or seen in action. The following instances among others are worthy of notice, and are submitted for consideration.
1:5 – A salutation from Himself.
1:7 – His appearing announced.
1:14 – Is seen in the divine glory of the ancient of days.
1:17 – The First and the Last.
1:18 – The One who became dead, and lives for evermore.
Chs. 2 and 3 – Addresses the seven churches in words of encouragement and warning.
4:1 – John hears Him saying, “Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.”
5:6 – The slain Lamb in the midst of the throne takes the book; and –
Ch. 6 – Opening its seven seals reveals divine counsels and mysteries “hitherto wholly secret; things to be hereafter.”
6:6 – A voice in the midst of the four living creatures.
Ch. 7 – Seals the elect of Israel for preservation through the coming great tribulation, and brings into millennial blessing the great white-robed multitude redeemed from the nations.
8:3 – Stands at the golden altar, and adds incense to the prayers of His persecuted saints on earth.
9:13-14 – Still standing at the golden altar He speaks from its four horns to the sixth angel.
Ch. 10 – As the angel of the covenant He lays claim to the earth.
11:1, 3 – His acceptance of true Jewish worshippers. Empowers His witnesses to prophesy.
11:12 – Calls to His slain witnesses, “Come up hither.”
11:15 – The kingdom and dominion and glory are given to Him. [The seventh trumpet and the third woe mark the close of the second half-week, and complete the symbolic history of this first great division of the book.]
12:5 – His birth and rapture.
12:7-9 – Casts out Satan.
12:10 – Announces salvation and the kingdom.
13:8 – Security for those only whose names are in the book of life of the slain Lamb.
14:1-3 – The Lamb on Mount Zion gathers His persecuted Jewish brethren, the suffering remnant of the Psalms.
14:16 – Reaps the harvest of the earth.
15:3 – The victorious company of martyrs who had passed through the fiery tribulation sing the Song of the Lamb as they stand on the sea of glass.
16:1 – A voice out of the temple — (Is this His voice?)
16:15 – Behold, I come as a thief.
17:14 – The Lamb shall overcome them.
18:4 – A voice from heaven, “Come out of her my people.”
19:5 – A voice out of the throne, “Praise our God all ye His servants.”
19:7 – The marriage of the Lamb celebrated in heaven.
19:11-21 – Comes forth as King of kings and Lord of lords. Treads the winepress.
Ch. 20 – Reigns with His risen saints a thousand years, and finally sits on the great White Throne.
21:3 – A loud voice out of the throne.
21:22 – God and the Lamb are the temple.
21:23 – The Lamb is the light and glory of the city.
22:16 – “I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.”
22:20 – “Surely I come quickly, Amen.”