The Bright and Morning Star

Thou " bright and morning Star,"
Arise within our hearts,
Before the day,
Shed forth Thy ray,
Which heavenly joy imparts;
Though darkness reigns around,
Our hearts anticipate
That hour so near,
When we shall hear
Thy shout, for which we wait.
Thou " bright and morning Star,"
We wait to see Thee shine,
Then we shall be
Made like to Thee,
And wholly, wholly Thine;
"The Spirit and the bride,"
To Thee, blest Lord, say come,
Oh! let Thy beam
Of glory stream,
And take us to Thy home.
Thou " bright and morning Star,"
Oh! with what deep delight,
Thou'lt come again,
And claim us then,
To dwell in cloudless light;
And oh! what boundless joy,
Shall fill each raptured heart,
When we abide
At Thy dear side,
No more from Thee to part!
December, 1882.
G. W. F