The Burden Bearer

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 9
A man had a vision in which he saw a multitude of people bearing burdens, which greatly afflicted him to behold. Strong men were bowed down under heavy loads, fragile women were staggering under burdens, even children were weighed down. All classes of people were represented, toiling and staggering under heavy burdens.
In the vision the dreamer thought he saw the Lord, and to his utter amazement He was busily employed in increasing the burdens. Still the burdened ones toiled on, ready to drop—but not quite. Still the Lord added to their burdens again and again, till at last the man's curiosity and surprise could be restrained no longer.
He inquired of the Lord why He was adding to the burdens and distresses of those he saw. The reply was: -"I am adding to their burdens till they cannot do without Me any longer, and THEN I WILL CARRY BOTH THEM AND THEIR BURDENS."