The Coming of the Lord; David; the Morning Star; Publications

2 Peter 1:19  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
* * * Let us be happy in the thought that in cleaving to Him we shall enjoy all the brightness and the joy of His light. How happy one is to belong to Him, and in His light to see light! How brilliant and glorious is this light to those who are from home, awaiting the rising of the morning star and the coming of this precious Savior, who will set them in heaven as the rays of His glory, and the jewels of His crown, as the intelligent sharers of His glory, as the bride of His heart! This star has already risen in our hearts; may it not grow dim there! May brethren learn to enter into all that Christ is in suffering and in patience, that thus they may enjoy morally His glory when it comes. May the peace and the presence of our precious Jesus be with you all, dear brethren. He is in every way our infinite blessing.
I have been struck of late, by seeing how much more interesting David is than Solomon; for if the latter shows us more fully the time of blessing and peace under the reign of Jesus, the former presents to us the Person, the afflictions, the sufferings and the heart of Jesus, and to us this is worth all the rest.
Keswick, August 14th, 1848.