The Coming of the Lord; Devotedness; Philadelphian State to Be Sought; Testimony for These Days

Revelation 3:7  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Most Christians need to be enlightened as to salvation and their position in Christ. They confound their standing and their state. There are very few among them who understand the first verses of Heb. 10 For my own part, I teach, but I am always learning.
If the brethren are devoted and holy in their walk, their testimony will always be acknowledged by God; if not, they will not do much. The Lord, who speaks to us now, is "He that is holy, he that is true"; there must be these two things, as well as the grace and the patience to commend them. There must be truth, and the Lord communicates it to us, but there must be holiness, otherwise the truth itself will fall into disrepute. It is the important thing for the brethren, and then devotedness.
New York,
February 27th, 1875.