The Coming Year

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
1980 lies before us. It lies before us still undarkened by a single crime, or lightened by a single act of mercy. Printers are putting into type the date of the New Year, authors are writing about it, but as yet it has not issued from the eternity of God. The first hour of its time has not struck: it is still the future; and whether we shall breathe the breath of this New Year through an hour—a day—a week—a month—is unknown except to God. Its changes, joys and sorrows are known to Him alone.
Who else can foretell the events of this coming year? No one. All is dark before us, save for one bright hope. This New Year—this very 1980—may be the great year when the Lord shall come to take all those "that are His at His coming" to be forever with Himself. What a happy, happy moment for every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ! But that same moment will be the closing of the door of opportunity to all who have heard and rejected—or just neglected—God's grace and salvation.
What will that moment mean for you? Will you be "caught up... to meet the Lord in the air"? Or will you be left behind for the judgment that will soon fall upon this scene?
Time is passing very swiftly. Today there is still salvation and pardon offered freely to all who will come; tomorrow it may be too late. "NOW is the day of salvation"—before the end of this coming year that day of salvation may close. Won't you accept God's offer of eternal life—eternal joy and peace-and accept it NOW? Then you can face the New Year confidently and unafraid, with your heart kept in "perfect peace," even though in the midst of "wars and rumors of wars." And—better still—you can look forward joyfully to the coming of the Lord for His own for He has said, "Surely I come quickly!"