The Cross

O Cross! the glorious center Thou
Of time and of eternity!
To Him, who hung thereon we bow,
Own Him of praise all-worthy now,
And when His face we see.
It telleth us of love divine
To Adam’s fallen, sinful, race;
How bright the light therefrom doth shine
Of mercy that is only Thine,
Thou God of truth and grace!
Blest Saviour! Thou to death would’st go -
Endure the Cross, despise the shame:
Let praise unceasing to Thee flow
From all who Calvary’s virtue know,
And glory in Thy name!
To Thee, O Christ, the song shall swell
In realms of light and life above.
With joy Thy praise, O Lord, we’ll tell
When in Thy presence we shall dwell,
And love’s blest fullness prove.