The Door Was Shut

Rejecters of Christ: cold empty professors: foolish virgins; a few more words and tears for you. Think of these words,
"And the door was shut." Mat. 25:10. What will this world be to you when that door is shut?
What will be the value to this world's riches then?
What pleasure will you find in sin then? What will the applause of men and the flatteries of Satan be worth then?
Think, O think, dear reader; think seriously on that coming, solemn, hour! Look that day in the face, and tell me, what is there in the wide range of thy thoughts and visions, worth having when compared with Christ?
If Satan's world be thy choice here, Satan's hell must be thy portion hereafter. And O, remember the time is short; the door will soon be shut, and shut for ever.
Haste, then; delay not; forget not; but at once, and with thy whole heart, flee to Jesus. He is waiting to receive thee; ready to pardon thee; willing to save thee. He invites thee to come to Himself; hear then His voice of love: