The Drag Net

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In this final parable we have the first note of anything evil in connection with this last series, but on examination it will be seen that it is the good, and only the good, that is in view. The drag net of the Gospel encloses every kind of fish. There is the true believer and the false professor, the good fish and the bad. Mark, it is the fishermen and not the angels that do the sorting out in verse 48. God has got the good before Him. The good are put into vessels; the bad cast away, and taken no further account of by the sorters. No further action towards the bad is taken by the fishermen.
We are reminded that this is on similar lines to the angel's work at the end of the age. But there is this vital difference. There the angels are used to carry out the judgment of the wicked, who shall be cast into the place of wailing, but in the case of the fishermen it is the preserving of the good in vessels that is their object.