The Dwelling of God and Man Together

Genesis 9:27
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Gen. 9:27 וישכז באחלי־שם -"And He [the LORD God of Shem, v. 26] shall dwell [or shechinah it] in the tents of Shem." As the LXX. ὁ θεος...κατοικησατω ἐν τοις οἰκοις του Σημ. Is there not, here, a noticeable prophetic allusion to the Shechinah of God's manifested presence between the Cherubim in the Tabernacle (con. Ex. 25:8; 29:43-46)? How many are the blessed and gracious thoughts which are connected, in Scripture, with the dwelling of God and man together and how various!
G. W.