The Echo

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 2
You may have heard of the boy whose home was in a wood. One day he thought he heard the voice of another boy not far off. He shouted, “Hallo, there!”
The voice shouted back, “Hallo, there!”
He did not know that it was the echo of his own voice, and he shouted again, “You are a mean boy!”
Again the cry came back, “You are a mean boy!”
After some more of the same kind of thing he went into the house and told his mother that there was a bad boy in the wood. His mother, who understood how it was, said to him, “Oh, no! You speak kindly to him, and see if he does not speak kindly to you.”
He went to the wood again and shouted, “Hallo, there!”
“Hallo, there!”
“You are a good boy.”
Of course the reply came, “You are a good boy.”
“I love you.”
“I love you,” said the other voice.
This little story explains the secret of the whole thing. Some of you perhaps think you have bad and disagreeable neighbors; most likely the trouble is with yourself. If you love your neighbors they may well love you. Love begets love.