The Great Physician

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A doctor was visiting a Christian patient. He had himself been trying to find peace with God. He was convinced of his sin and need, and he longed for that peace which passes understanding.
On this occasion, speaking to the sick one, he said: "Can you tell me just what you mean by 'believing' and being saved? How does one have 'faith in Jesus,' and all that sort of thing that you say brings peace?"
The patient's answer was simple. "Doctor, I have found that I can do nothing to make myself well. I have put my case in your hands—I am trusting you to use your skill for me. This is exactly what every poor sinner must do—just put himself in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. On Calvary's cross He did all that is needed to save those who believe on Him."
"Is that all?" exclaimed the doctor. "Simply trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ? Oh, I see! He is the Great Physician. He has done the work that will save my sin-sick soul."
"Yes, Doctor. Jesus said on the cross, It is finished. His promise is, Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."