The Haughty Infidel’s Challenge

Amos 9:3  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
In the town of Hanover, in Germany, I am told that there is buried a German countess who denied the exist­ence of God and ridiculed the idea of the resurrection. To show her contempt for Christianity she ordered that on her death her grave should be built of solid masonry and covered by large stones bound together by iron clamps. On this tomb was engraved her defiant chal­lenge that through eternity this tomb should never be disturbed.
One day a seed from some tree, either blown by the wind or carried by a bird, became lodged in a small crevice of the tomb, where soon it sprouted and began to grow. And then, as if Nature mocked the haughty infidel, she quietly extended the delicate roots of that seedling under the massive blocks of stone and slowly raised them from their place. Although scarce four gen­erations are passed since that tomb was sealed, that most insignificant seedling has accomplished what God Himself was challenged to accomplish.