The Heavenly Neighbor

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
Luke 10:30-35
I was lying in my sorrow,
Sick and wounded, nigh to death,
Fearing only hell tomorrow,
Soon to draw my latest breath;
Disappointments had beset me,
Friends had passed me heedless by,
And with careless eye they let me
Lie there in my wounds to die.

Till One came whom I had hated,
Scorned and spurned in former days,
And with quivering heart I waited
To be punished for my ways,
But instead-hear my story!
Down He came into my place,
Bid me learn His love, His glory,
By the riches of His grace.

With the best of care surrounded,
There my wounds were staunched and dressed,
And His grace and love unbounded
Gave me His place, and the best:
Safe He led me where no strangers
Intermeddle with His ways,
No more now in fear of dangers,
Free to sing His endless praise.

Do you know this heavenly neighbor,
Jesus Christ who saves the lost?
One who gives, and not for labor,
Free salvation at His cost.
One, who rich, for us descended
From His throne, and poor became,
That such outcasts, thus befriended
By His poverty, might gain.

Gain untold by earth or heaven!
Tell me, do you know the worth
Of the One whom God has given
To this Christ-rejecting earth?
While He passes by to gladden
Poor and sad ones with His smile,
Turn not still away to sadden
Him who waits this "little while."

"When I come again," He said it—
And we know it will be soon:
Do you think I can forget it,
Evening, morning, night, or noon?
So I long that every stranger
To the glories of His grace,
Cared no more to be a ranger,
But "today" would seek His face.