The Inventor

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When the Duke of Wellington won the battle of Waterloo he was a great hero to his countrymen. He was awarded every honor England could give, and had tremendous influence in the nation. Of course he became the target of all kinds of people seeking favors — people seeking office, or money, or just recognition. One such man came with what he claimed to be a bullet-proof breastplate. The inventor wanted to persuade the Duke to introduce it to the British authorities for adoption by the army.
Having letters of introduction from some of the Duke's personal friends, this man called and was shown into the presence of the great Commander. Though the Duke was very busy, he listened patiently as the inventor described his wonderful invention and spoke of its protective value.
Finally, the Duke broke in abruptly with a question: "Have you got the thing with you?"
Quickly the man brought out the breastplate. The Duke asked sharply, "Are you sure it is bullet proof?" "Oh, quite sure, your grace."
"Put it on then, and go stand in that corner." Wondering what the Duke meant by this, the inventor at once obeyed.
"Mr. Temple," shouted the Duke to his secretary, "tell the sentry outside to load with ball cartridge and come in here to test this breastplate."
Before the sentry could load the inventor flew through the door and disappeared. He had not enough faith in his own invention to risk his life.
Many, many people have their own religious inventions with which they think to appear before God. But, will they stand the test? Morality, reformation, good works or prayers, none can protect them from coming judgment.
Think of it! No tears that you may shed, no works you may perform, no resolution you may make, will serve to shield you in that coming day when "every man's works shall be tried."
The only refuge from the coming storm of God's righteous judgment on a wicked world is the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything else is useless. Will you not turn to Him now, trusting Him alone for your salvation?