The Lepers in India

WE have received from Mrs. Bailey a letter acknowledging with grateful thanks the help we were able to send to her last year, from which we extract the following:—“It is most encouraging and fills us with thankfulness to see our old friends so faithful, and especially just now are we grateful for help, for the famine is creating heartrending havoc, and will continue to do so for some time to come, notwithstanding the welcome rain, which it is hoped may save the next crop of wheat.
“Meanwhile prices are doubled, which puts a great strain on the funds of the asylums, and in addition many poor starving lepers come begging for admission. Many who used to make their living by begging are now forced to come and beg to be taken into the asylums.
“Sometimes it is too late, for, as a lady wrote us the other day, they come to be fed for a few days, and then die.
“But we pray for means to take in many who may live to learn of Jesus and become His followers.”
Our young friends will not forget the poor lepers, we are quite sure; and we, too, tender them our best thanks for the gifts they have so kindly sent for the poor sufferers, and for their allowing FAITHFUL WORDS to be the happy means of handing over their contributions.