The Lord Is My Portion

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
They tell me of the glory of yonder home of light,
The many, many mansions, of pure and true delight.
The walls of purest jasper, the gates of jewels rare.
The street of gold transparent, the saints will walk when there.
The song which ransomed sinners will sing in sweetest tone,
As one and all they gather around the eternal throne.
The greetings there of loved ones, that long since went before,
Embraced and gladly welcomed on yonder peaceful shore.
They speak to me of heaven, where God’s redeemed shall dwell, The Father’s house where pleasures are more than tongue can tell.
They speak to me of freedom from sickness, pain and tears, From sorrow, care, temptations, from death and all its fears.
Not all these put together, with countless joys beside,
Could satisfy the longings of one for whom Christ died.
‘Tis the Babe of Bethlehem’s manger, the One of humble birth, Despised on earth, a stranger, yet none could tell His worth.
The mighty God, Creator of earth and skies above,
Who, in each word and action, made known the Father’s love.
The One with love so boundless, for sinners such as we,
Laid down His life for sinners on Calvary’s cruel tree.
‘Tis He, the Lord of glory, my heart so longs to see,
‘Tis where He is, His presence, makes heaven heaven to me.
Lord, hasten that blest moment, when with Thyself on high, My heart with joyous rapture will swell the jubilee,
Thyself, my joy eternal-my head upon Thy breast-
My satisfying Portion, my Home, my Joy, my Rest.