The Lord's Last Promise

John 16:8‑10  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 3
Most precious were those parting words
Of our Almighty Friend,
Who loved his own while in the world,
And loved them to the end.
" I leave you not as orphans here,
The Comforter shall come
And fill your hearts with joy and peace,
Till I shall fetch you home."
And soon upon that watching band
The Heavenly Stranger came;
And, like a rushing mighty wind,
Thrill'd thro' each trembling frame.
Like a vast flood, he buried deep,
Pain, grief, and worldly care;
In Resurrection-Life, they breathed
Heaven's own fresh vital air.
Dead to the world thro' Jesus' love,
Nothing their own would call;
With power they preached their risen Lord;
Great Grace was on them all.
Like ointment pour'd on Aaron's head
That down his garments flow'd,
Was that rich oil of grace and joy
From Christ, our Head, bestow'd
Great Smitten Rock! From thee flow'd forth
A stream so full and free.
Each desert heart that drinks the flood,
Shall soon like Eden be.
Well may we ask, "Will God indeed
Descend to dwell in clay?"
We marvel at such wondrous grace
And well indeed we may.
As once the pleased Rebecca trod
A desert, long and drear,
While Abraham's wealth, and Isaac's love,
Rang in her raptured ear: -
So, in this howling wilderness,
The Holy Ghost makes known
The Father's House, the Son's rich love,
And all he has, our own.
Blest thought! Our hearts are with him there.
We see our glorious home
Made ready for our bridal joys -
Come Jesus—quickly come!