The Man of God

Unrecognized, alone,
He sojourned here, the Prophet sent of God;
The hope of Israel came unto His own,
His own received Him not.
There was not found on earth
One single spot her Ruler might possess;
E'en Bethlehem discredited His birth,
Reproached His lowliness.
He sought for hearts that dared
To entertain a Stranger in the land,
Drew to Himself "the little ones" prepared
Beneath Jehovah's hand.
He, instant to discern,
Omnipotent the will of God to do,
Obedience through His sufferings would learn
The faithful One and true.
He took no praise of men-
Eternal object of the Father's love-
His holy course was far beyond their ken,
His body was alone.
Homeless, except on high,
They saw the Heir in servant guise descend;
They cast Him out. He knew that He must die,
Love's all of wealth to spend.
" JESUS!" would He expose
His people's state, from God so far removed?
No! in Himself enduring all the woes,
He wept; they stood unmoved.
He told not out the grief
Of His pure spirit into mortal ear;
The Father's bosom most was His relief
When trouble drew most near.
The Father's will He made
His daily food, Man, living by God's word;
Dependent always, still He watched and prayed,
And from the depths was heard.
Right, onward to the cross,
Unceasing witness to the truth He bore;
There with all shame, all agony and loss,
The cup, His cup, ran o'er.
'Twas there God made Him "sin:"
'Twas there the just One took the robber's place;
There, o'er Death's mounting waves came broadly in
God's ocean tide of grace.
Through weakness crucified,
He bore the wrath of God, His God alone;
Now nevermore the judgment flames divide
God's favor from His own.
In Hades' deepest gloom
Three days and nights among the dead He lay;
The Father's glory raised Him from the tomb,
Lord of the perfect day.
One Spirit with the Lord,
Baptized His yoke, His pilgrim path to share;
Ours be His patience, till His call be heard,
To meet Him in the air.
We shall behold His face!
Changed to His perfect likeness we shall be.
Oh, God! to praise the glory of Thy grace,
Where all things are of Thee!