The Morning Star

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Is not this blessed?—not merely association with Christ in the day of His power, when the stronghold of men shall be broken to shivers like the vessels of a potter, but "gathering together unto Him" before that day. The hope abides in all its fullness, and as fresh as at the first. Christ only could so speak and act.
The sun, when it rises, summons man to his busy toil; but the morning star shines for those only who sleep not as do others—for those who watch as children of light and of the day. We shall be with Christ, doubtless, when the day of glory dawns upon the world; but the morning star is before the day, and Christ not only says, "I am... the bright and morning star," but, "I will give... the morning star." He will come and receive His heavenly ones before they appear with Him in glory.
May we be true to Him in the refusal of present ease, and honor, and power! May we follow Him, taking up our cross and denying ourselves daily! He will not forget us in His day; and He will give us, ere it comes, the morning star.