The Mother's Hand, and Baby's Peace

THE little baby had been fast asleep, but on the mother entering the room with a light in her hand to retire to rest, she woke up, and as the little creature looked at her mother, the little face was lighted up with the joy and peace of loving recognition, and, quite content, she watched with interest all her movements about the room. On the mother, however, extinguishing the light, the sudden darkness startled the child, and she became restless, tossing to and fro under the influence of surprise and fear. The mother, perceiving this, drew quietly near, and gently placed one of her hands upon the child's, and in a moment its fears were subdued and hushed, and, after placing its other little hand upon its mother's, confidence in her presence and love soon did its work, and in a few moments baby was fast asleep; it was enough that her mother was there with her hand upon hers.
In the spirit of this little child, and its attendant result, we have a sweet picture of the work of faith and the presence of Christ in the soul. Though sometimes in the midst of our most exalted enjoyments the darkness of unbelief, the sense of indwelling sin, and temptation fill us with fear, or trying and mysterious dispensations seem to hide His bright face from our view, yet no sooner does He draw near, and we again grasp Him, through living, active, realizing faith, which His Spirit and presence inspire, than we are lifted out of ourselves and all our restlessness, and realize the truth of His own words, "Because I live, ye shall live also;" and of the grand old promise—" THOU wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee." W. P. B.