The Old Railwayman's Decision

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"I was at my old mate's funeral when the friends walked past his grave to take a last look," said an old railway man to some of his comrades. "I thought, as I looked down, 'if that were my body, where would I be now?' And I thought, 'I would be in hell, where no mercy ever comes!'
"I felt rather miserable, and the next Sunday I went to Tom's old meeting room. After hearing the preacher there, a lady said to me: 'Do you love Jesus?'
"I couldn't tell a lie, mates. I'd drink and swear, and was rough enough, but I could not tell her a lie. I said, 'I don't know anything about Jesus; what should I love Him for?'
"But bless His name, He soon found me out. What a blessing He did, for I should never have found Him -I didn't know where to look.
"I thought I would have a lot of trouble with my mates, but I did not! And I do thank God all things have become new to me now.
"My old companions, fare you well;
I will not go with you to hell-
I'm going with Jesus Christ to dwell;
Will you go?"
"Will you go," dear friends—any who tonight are out of Christ? Take an old railway man's advice, and decide tonight.
"When I took my ticket for glory, I found the fare had been paid right through by UP express, for Jesus had done all the work for me."