The Patience of Hope

O Jesus, precious Savior,
O! when wilt Thou return?
Our hearts, with woe familiar,
To Thee, our Master, turn.

Our woe is Thine, Lord Jesus!
Our joy is in Thy love:
But woe and joy all lead us
To Thee, in heaven above!

We ponder the long story
Of this world's mournful ways;
We think on holy glory
With Thee, through endless days.

We see God's gracious order
All spoiled by man below;
See all around disorder,
Meek hearts beset with woe.

Where'er we ope' the pages,
In which-Thy wondrous Word-
Man's path through varied ages
Is given us, to record,

Of failure, ruin, sorrow,
The story still we find:
God's love but brings the morrow
Of evil in mankind.

To Thee we look, Lord Jesus,
To Thee, whose love we know;
We wait the power that frees us
From bondage, sin, and woe.

We look for Thine appearing,
Thy Presence here to bless;
We greet the day that's nearing,
When all this woe shall cease.