The Power of the Bible

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Sometimes the power of the Bible baffles its critics and even amazes Christians. A young man who had spent eight years in an Australian prison for armed robbery walked into the Bible Society office in Athens, Greece, a few months ago and gave a donation of $120 to the Bible Society.
Asked why he was making this gift, he said that while serving his sentence someone had given him a Greek Bible. Through reading it he had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.
His simple testimony was, "that by searching the Scriptures I realized that the reason I had gotten into this bad situation was due to my being away from God. I got converted and accepted Christ as my own personal Savior and Lord."
His conversion took place in the third year of his eight-year sentence. "The remaining five years in prison were the best time in my life, full of happiness, as I continued to read the Word of God," he said.
When he was released from prison he was deported by Australia to his native Greece. When he arrived in Athens the first thing he did was to go directly to the Bible Society office at the address which was on the Greek Bible he had been given in prison. He said, "I want to show my gratitude to the Bible Society for publishing this Book which saved my life."