The "Precious Blood" of Jesus

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 9
The “precious blood” of Jesus
Is everything to me,
It tells me of salvation,
Of pardon, full and free.
I know that I’m forgiven
All through that precious blood;
I’m on my way to heaven,
And I have peace with God!
Peace for the guilty conscience,
Peace for the heart opprest;
The precious blood of Jesus
Alone can give thee rest.
Where art thou, careless sinner?
O let me counsel thee;
The storm of wrath is coming,
To Jesus quickly flee!
My never-changing Savior,
Thou “faithful” art and “true;”
Help me to tell the “story,”
So “old,” yet ever new!
The “precious blood” that “cleanseth”
Still all my theme shall be,
Until that wondrous moment
When, Lord, Thy face I see!